6 Basic Tips for Your Smart Home Security Solutions

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Your home is your sanctuary. It provides you shelter, safety, and security from both natural events and people with poor intentions. A powerful home security system can keep your family and property as safe as possible and maintain your sanctuary. Nowadays, with smart home security systems becoming more popular, there are some considerations you should have to ensure your home is always protected. Read below to learn six important tips to keep your smart home security system functioning correctly.

1.Encrypt Your Wireless Router

A smart home security system must connect to the Wi-Fi, enabling it to function as it’s programmed to. However, connecting such a vital security measure to the internet can leave it vulnerable to cyberattacks. Therefore, it’s crucial that your wireless routers be encrypted to prevent hacking. Further, make sure that your router’s password is unique and complex so that hackers are less likely to break through your system. 

2.Keep the Power Going

Natural environmental events can lead to power outages in your home. With a smart home security system, these power outages can prevent your security system from functioning. For example, you may not have access to open your smart locks without a backup key. To ensure that your home is completely protected in the case of an outage, have a backup power source like an auxiliary generator. 

3.Pay Proper Attention

Technology isn’t perfect. The smart doorbell systems installed in your home might alert you to a potential security threat when it may not concern you. For example, they may detect a harmless neighbourhood kid or movement from a flying plastic bag. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore the notification. Keep an eye on your system because threats occur when you least expect them.

4.Stay Dry

Like our cell phones and computers are susceptible to water damage, smart home security systems are, too. When installing them, it’s crucial to keep your security systems and non-waterproof CCTV cameras dry and away from possible areas that may experience water damage. This can lead to a shortage and, thus, a lack of security coverage, putting your home, loved ones, and assets at risk.

5.Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Your home security system is a technology that connects to your Wi-Fi. If a hacker wants to break through your security measures, they may attempt to log in to your system’s web-based interface. If they guess your password correctly, they’ll have the same control over your smart system as you do. To prevent this, set up a security system for your security system with two-factor authentication. Receive a text message or push notification to allow access to your account every time you log on.

6.Perform Annual Maintenance

Just because you install a security system meant to last doesn’t mean that it won’t require maintenance. Such is especially true for a smart home security system which may require regular updates. Without these updates, your system may not work as well as it should. Additionally, consider having your security installer perform annual inspections to ensure that all parts of your system are functioning appropriately.

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Keep your home and property safe with a smart home security system. Taking the necessary precautions to protect your smart security system can prevent technological mishaps. 

The STAR-TEC Security & Electric professionals can help you choose from various smart security measures to implement in your home. In addition, they’ll teach you how to use your new system and are available for any questions about its upkeep.
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